Our penchant for innovation and creativity shows in the products that we have developed and brought to the market. Building products is what we are best at. Proof is the enormous success of the products, below.
A web based product for Financial Consolidation and reporting
  • All entities in the group can potentially be on different accounting systems
  • Reporting in Indian GAAP (Revised Schedule VI), IFRS or any other international GAAPs
  • Automated Minority Interest calculation and FCTR calculation
  • Budget vs. Actual and other MIS reports
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A social network connecting students, academia and industry through the context of final year academic projects
  • Students get to see previous years' projects, ideas put up by industries for new projects and also receive advice from experts while doing the project. They also can connect with their mentors and guides easily, who can also monitor the progress of their project
  • Licensed industry users can get to see all the projects on the network, rate them and also short list for campus hiring
  • Main advantage for industry is - reduced training costs (as the hiring will be based on projects done in the technology needed) and also access to students from different institutions and cities at one place
  • Teachers benefit from having better monitoring of the projects, with the project co-ordinator's weekly status reports being generated through the system
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A web and email based survey analysis tool that allows you to design forms on the fly and administer them as surveys within minutes
  • A free form generator allows you to design survey forms with various types of questions like numeric, multiple choice, likert scale, date, text, binary, tabular etc. A web form, an email form and a printable form - all are generated at once
  • A single survey can be administered in multiple ways - by web, by print and by email
  • Answers received by email or web are directly parsed and entered into the database and ready for analysis
  • Various types of analysis like cross tabulations, graphs, frequencies with various filters and templates can be done within minutes
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