We're hiring!
We don't normally hire for a position but we prefer to hire if a person is good and fits into our team / game plan.
We are a product company, that also does services. If you like working for a company that has product culture and one that gives independence to everyone to come up with great product ideas and implement them, then we would certainly want to know you. If you are passionate about coding and try to keep up with the changes happening around you, then we would certainly want to meet you.
Some of the traits of people that we are looking for...
  • Shall strive for success, but if there is a failure, will take responsibility for it
  • Not afraid of technology or learning new stuff
  • Can move into a leadership position and lead by example
  • Understands the importance of sharing knowledge
  • Meets deadlines, but is not in a hurry to check-in incomplete work
  • Has the ability to take the work to its final end. Doesn't give up at the last mile
  • Likes to work on cool technologies but understands that customer or application can dictate the same and is happy to work in any
Campus hires
Candidates matching the following criteria will be considered...
  • You should have done a great project in your final year. We are not so finicky about your marks but expect you to have done a lot of work during your project
  • Your concepts in Data structures / Algorithms / Object Oriented Systems should be very clear
  • You are ready to appear for a coding test where you will write one or more programs in C/C++ on paper
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